What steps should I follow in case of damage?

Step 1: Choose how to inform Generali to make use of your insurance plan

Visit a Branch of the Network of Authorized Repairers (make your claim by informing the branch that you hold a Generali’s portable electronic devices policy).

or Alternatively:

Contact us (tel.: 210 8096100, e-mail: customerservice@generali.gr), inform us about the incident and we will refer you to a Branch of the Network of Authorized Repairers of your choice.

Step 2: Deliver the device to the branch

The authorized repairer checks whether your insurance plan is in effect, and if you agree, proceeds with the repair process.

Step 3:Pick up your device

The authorized repairer informs you that the repair of your device is completed and you receive it immediately by paying the branch the amount of your contribution.