What documents will I need to provide Generali with, in the event of my hospitalization at hospital that is not included in the Generali network?

In case of hospitalization in Greece and abroad, the documents required are:

  • The “Compensation Request” Form, completed and signed
  • The “Medical Therapist” Form completed, signed and stamped by the doctor
  • The complete Medical Record which includes the admission and the discharge ticket , the medical findings – assessment of the treating physician, the results of the laboratory and/ or imaging examinations and the hospitalization medical records
  • Copy of the first page of your Banking Book or any receipt stating your IBAN account number

When hospitalized abroad, the above-noted documents must be translated and validated.

Additional supporting documents that may be requested depending on the incident are (indicatively):

  • The operating notes
  • The histological report

In case of participation of another insurance provider (public or private), the file of participation etc.