If I want to travel abroad by car, what do I have to do? What documents will I need?

In order to be able to drive abroad you will need the following:

  • A valid car insurance policy
  • To inform Generali or your insurance agent about your journey, its duration and the destination, in order to have a Green Card issued.
  • With a Green Card you will be covered for Civil Liability towards Third Parties, when driving abroad, in the European Union and all other countries in the Green Card System. In Germany there is a special system of Environmental Zones, for which you will also need a special sticker*.
  • If you are involved on an accident you have to note down the registration number, the brand and type of the other vehicle, the name of the owner and driver and inform the local Police. Then you have to inform Generali. You can also call Generali Accident Assistance.


*For more information on Environmental Zone Stickers in Germany please visit:
http://www.tuev-sued.de/auto_fahrzeuge/feinstaub- plakette/feinstaubplakette_ausland/england
http://www.germany.travel/en/travel-information/along- the-way/along- the-way.html
http://www.bmub.bund.de/service/buergerforum/haeufige-fragen- faq/