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Travelling…our first childhood dream

For those of you who travel very often and feel that traveling is an integral part of their life – for either professional or personal reasons, Generali offers Fly Away: a unique travel insurance program. A modern solution that allows you to travel worry-free and assures that nothing can distract you from your journey and your goals. Fly Away offers comprehensive coverage of any damage, loss or delay that may occur during a journey. It covers the traveler’s health insurance, with high insured capitals – unique to the Greek market – as well as all emergency incidents wherever he/she is in the world.

We are with you, wherever and whenever!

To whom is it recommended?

Fly Away is recommended to all frequent travelers, who travel multiple times within a year: managers, consultants, sales professionals, as well as companies that are interested in insuring frequent traveling employees, individually.

Is it different from other travel insurance plans?

Yes. It gives you unlimited freedom, since it is not required that you inform Generali about your future travels. You are fully covered for any number and type of journeys within the insurance period.

What does it cover?

The coverage includes: luggage insurance, emergency health expenses – due to either accident or illness – money theft, passport/travel document loss or theft, civil liability and more…

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