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GENERALI HELLAS A.A.E. will process your personal information as individuals who are interested in receiving a personalized insurance quote. Your personal information, which you will choose to share by filling in the following fields at this site, will be processed, for the purpose of a) the assessment of the declared insurance parameters, the calculation and forwarding of an insurance offer to your email, in accordance to art. 6 par. 1 par. B 'of the General Regulation for Data Protection b) the transmission of your contact information to an insurance advisor in order to contact you for further personalized service, with your explicit consent. For detailed information on the processing of personal data of individuals interacting with Generali and how to exercise your rights, click here.

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H μικτή ασφάλιση είναι διαθέσιμη μόνο σε οδηγούς πάνω από 23 ετών που έχουν δίπλωμα οδήγησης πάνω από 1 έτος.

Third Party & Passenger Liability

to 1.300.000
to 1.300.000
to 1.300.000

Car park Third Party Liability clause when the vehicle is transported or parked in secured areas

Accident care assistance

Vehicle towing after an accident

Driver’s personal accident

to 10,000€
to 10,000€
to 10,000€

Material damages caused by an uninsured vehicle

Legal expenses

Airbag cover

Fire (by any cause)

Third Party Liability due to fire

Total theft

Partial theft

Car rental

Damages due to natural phenomena

Deductible 300€
Deductible 300€

Replacement of car keys

Driving license, personal identification documents and passport theft

New spare parts Guarantee protection

Glass breakage

Deductible 250€
Deductible 250€

Malicious damage

Deductible 600€
Deductible 600€

Own damages (Comprehensive Insurance)

Deductible 600€

Damages caused by public disorder/ terrorism activities

The above premium calculation is indicative and is based on your selection of covers. The final amount of your insurance premium will be calculated according to the detailed information that you will provide when completing your insurance application, which is necessary in order to receive a final offer and subsequent issuing of the insurance policy. Your insurance advisor will help you further configure and select the appropriate covers so as to tailor your insurance program and cost according to your needs and budget. The purpose of this digital tool is to provide you with information regarding the range of coverages and the possible combinations provided by Generali and their respective costs, so that you can secure the best coverage for your motor insurance.
*Please note, that all policies & terms, issued by Generali Hellas, are available only in Greek.

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