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As Lifetime Partners for our clients, we offer steady support to Small and Medium sized Enterprises, providing on the 1st premium installment:

  • 2 months of free coverage for policies with an annual premium installment
  • 1 month of free coverage for policies with a 6-month premium installment

This offer is applicable, exclusively for customers who purchase Business On, until December 31st. For further information regarding this initiative, we encourage you to contact your Insurance Advisor, or the Generali Customer Service Center at 210 8096100 or 18112.

Regardless of your field of activity or the size of your business, insurance is the best way to protect your investment. Feel secure to pursue your business goals, knowing that the time and the resources you have devoted to creating and growing your business, are safeguarded.

With Business On, an insurance solution designed specifically for the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises, you gain comprehensive and flexible coverage that can be adapted to the specific needs of your business, thus, offering you control of both your coverage options and your premium. It is a program suitable for medium and small size businesses as well as for businesses with mortgages, so as to always be protected against unexpected events.

So that nothing interrupts the dynamic development of your business!


The program is built around the following Axis. Property Insurance is the basis of the program, where an extensive selection of basic covers is further enriched with additional optional coverages, as well as many alternatives regarding the limit of coverage capital desired and deductible amounts. If you wish, you can further extend your coverage to include Electronic Equipment Insurance, Liability Insurance, Money Insurance and Personnel Insurance.

Property Insurance

The cornerstone of the Program is Property Insurance, with a series of basic and additional covers options, so you can create an insurance program tailored to your needs. It includes:


The building

building structure and its add-ons / improvements


The content

such as equipment and commercial products within the business, materials and objects placed outdoors or under sheds


Secondary structures

such as kiosks, fences, walls, swimming pools, signs etc.

Based on which items of the above you possess; you can tailor your insurance program respectively. Thus, securing targeted coverage for your business needs!

Basic Covers – indicative:

  • Fire – Lightning & Fire caused by a Short-circuit
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Disruption of Public Order
  • Malicious and Terrorists Acts
  • Flood – Storm – Tornado – Hurricane – Cyclone and
  • Snow – Hail, Frost
  • Leakage, Break or Overflow of Water Pipes and/ or Sprinklers and Drainage Pipes
  • Short circuiting of Electrical Installations – Electrical and Electronic Devices
  • Accidental Crystal Breakage
  • Daily Allowance due to Interruption of operation
  • Third Party Liability & Liability towards the Owner of the Building etc.
  • Various expenses to cover your needs in case of damage

Additional Covers – indicative:

  • Theft/ Burglary
  • Earthquake
  • Subsidence

As your dreams grow along with your business, we have also included the coverage of instances that may arise as a consequence of a damage incurred (with or without capital increase).

Electronic Equipment Insurance

The electronic equipment (computers, processors, hardware, telecommunications equipment, etc.) is a significant investment and necessary for the smooth operation of your business. We therefore cover damages that will be caused to it, regardless of whether the equipment was in operation or not, but also during its assembly and disassembly, which are due to an accidental, unforeseen and sudden event and are not the result of any covered risk. Indicatively, we are covering the following:

  • Fall, breakage, handling errors, clumsiness
  • Malicious acts of third parties

Liability Insurance

It is important to secure protection with respect to your responsibility towards employees, clients and associated, as they pertain to the operation and activities of your business. Generali offers you Liability coverage that includes:

  • Coverage for material damages, bodily harm (injury) or even death of third parties within the premises of your business, as well as legal costs that may arise (General Liability)
  • The liability you have as an employer towards your employees, in the event of injury or death, during their work (Employer’s Civil Liability)
  • Food poisoning of third parties and employees, from the consumption of food and beverages produced or sold by your company, which is in the F&B sector

Money Insurance

We cover the loss of money, checks, bills, notes and bills of exchange due to:

  • Theft/ Robbery from a Safety Deposit Box or Cash register
  • Robbery during transport

Personnel Insurance

It is important that individuals working at your business are protected in the event of an accident and that they feel protected against any unforeseen event. Thus, we provide coverage for:

  • Expenses concerning Hospitalization & the provision of First Aid services at hospital outpatient clinics, as an Emergency incident, following an accident
  • Financial Support is provided for permanent, total disability or death caused by an accident


In case of damage to your property, we provide you with several services for the immediate restoration and containment of the damage. More specifically, we provide:

Online damage report

Possibility of completing the damage report online by recording the damage through a video call with a claims expert

Direct Repair

Coordination and supervision of the restoration work by a cooperating workshop and immediate repair of the damage

On the spot payment

Immediate compensation for damages up to €2,500, without the submission of any supporting documents

Immediate technical assistance

A specialized network of technicians for immediate damage repair, available 24/7


Generali rewards you with discount on your premium depending on the range and extent of the following:


Fire protection measures


Theft protection measures


Alternative energy sources


Amount of insured capital

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