Insurance solutions for Small & Medium Business – Business Dynamic

When creating your business, you invested in every single detail with attention, from the property to the equipment and raw materials. On top of that, you chose people to recruit that will assist in its development. Generali knows how valuable all this is to you. This is why Business Dynamic can cover it all!

  • The building structure
  • The content, like equipment and products
  • External secondary structures (fences, garages, pergolas etc.)
  • The personnel and the clients – in case of an accident

…because here at Generali we know that a Smart business is an insured business!



  • Fire
  • Damage from water pipes
  • Damage from natural phenomena
  • Damage from Malicious acts
  • Theft / Burglary
  • Temporary stay / accommodation expenses, due to repairs of your store or office
  • Underinsurance protection
  • Damages to the building structure, as well as to products
  • Employer’s Civil Liability
Optional Covers


  • Earthquake and earthquake related damage
  • Damage due to sudden soil subsidence / landslide
  • Insurance of employees against accidents
  • Electronic equipment insurance
  • Product Liability insurance
Rewards & Discounts

Generali rewards you with discount on the insurance premium, in the following cases:

  • if your business makes use of renewable energy sources 
  • if additional safety measures exist within the business premises
  • if there have been no claims, during the previous insurance period
  • if you maintain other insurance policies at Generali (under same VAT n.)

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Information Document

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Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

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