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The notions “people”, “colleagues” and “team” are high on the list of values that define the governing principles of contemporary, competitive businesses. Through co-operation and mutual development, goals are attained; bonds are strengthened; and high morale is established. The effective utilization of human capital is the primary goal of every dynamic and promising new business.

The core and essence of a business is – in fact – comprised by the people who work in and for it; their desire to contribute productively; their dedication and devotion to a common goal. It is important for an individual to feel that he/she is dedicating his very best efforts to a business that is genuinely concerned about the welfare of its people, and not a faceless, corporate entity.

At Generali, with more than 130 years of experience and the know-how of a global insurance group, we provide flexible, comprehensive group life insurance programs for businesses in all sectors.

There are three different group health insurance programs for small & medium businesses; with 10 to 30 insured persons (number does not include dependents). Smaller groups can be insured, but it depends on the number of the personnel’s dependents.

Moreover, we can offer one single insurance contract to businesses that share the same legal representative and same field of activity.

You can choose the right group insurance program for you, according to the needs and financial capabilities of your business.

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Permanent total/partial disability due to an accidenttick-for_tablestick-for_tablestick-for_tables
Wide range of hospital and out-of-hospital servicestick-for_tablestick-for_tablestick-for_tables
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Out of Hospital care tick-for_tablestick-for_tables
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The above information constitutes an overview of the programs and does not include the financial amounts of the covers. For a detailed presentation of the three GP programs and the full range of covers, please contact your insurance agent or a Generali Sales Office.

If, however, you wish to create a custom group insurance program, to be able to freely choose the covers, please contact us, in order to discuss your business needs and to find the appropriate solution for you.


GPS – Generali Privilege System

A complete management system of both hospital and out-of-hospital services, with special discounts and free offers in all sectors of medical and paramedical care.

GPS offers added value to the benefits of a group insurance program that can be perceived and appreciated by employees. It has been created with the needs of employees in mind: the need to have a clear picture of the insurance program and the services, as well as the contracted clinics and hospitals and the need to access a user-friendly digital environment. Available 24/7, 365 days a year and offers guidance for medical issues, useful information for the network of doctors, hospital and clinics.

It assures cost efficiency for the employer, as well as the employees – in case they have to pay extra for a procedure. GPS can be freely used by all insured persons under the group policy (insured employee and his dependents), as well as the company’s Management.

What does GPS offer?
  • 700 doctors all over Greece, of every specialization
  • Direct payment of doctors by Generali, through the use of Health Club - 100% coverage of medical visits, with no need of payment by the insured person
  • Direct payment by Generali in Euromedica, Bioiatriki and the Hygeia Network, with 250 centers/clinics in Greece (we are the only insurer that can offer this service)
  • A large network of hospitals, where payment is made directly by us
  • The most comprehensive solution in E-Services, which facilitates the use of the insurance program by employees and HR Managers.

All the above ensure the fastest service and prompt care as well as the optimal provision of information through the web application.

MyGenerali Application

The “MyGenerali” digital platform is free and available to all insured persons under a group health insurance program. Employees can find the covers of the program, the manual, the filed claims they have made, the progress of a new claim; they can edit their dependents’ info and read other useful information regarding their insurance program.