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Invest in your financial freedom


A dynamic, capital generation plan for maximizing your money’s performance
Reach your goals with the plan’s minimum duration of 10 years
Create your investment fund with easy steps, starting with 500 euros
A dynamic, capital generation plan for maximizing your money’s performance
Reach your goals with the plan’s minimum duration of 10 years
Create your investment fund with easy steps, starting with 500 euros

Start investing in your dreams

  • Combine regular saving with different investment options
  • Invest in three (3) selected funds of TRITON AEDAK as well as 3 sustainable investment options (ESG) funds of Generali Investments, mutual fund management company of the Generali Group
  • Convert your fund into a pension
  • Ideal for those wishing to start investing for the first time
  • Capital creation to meet future personal, professional and family needs such as: emergency health expenses, a new business plan, covering children's education expenses


Thanks to Generali’s long expertise you can secure

  • Professional investment management
  • Access to selected European markets
  • Addition insurance coverages, to protect your savings against unforeseen events
  • Flexibility in selecting your investment strategy with a very low investment risk option
  • Option for extra payments, on top of the annual premium
  • Option to readjust your premium



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Informational Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximizer is an investment-connected plan that offers great advantages in relation to direct investment into mutual funds, with regular saving. Moreover, it allows you to combine your investment with supplementary benefits and allowances, such as:

  • Life insurance
  • Temporary death insurance
  • Death resulting from accident
  • Permanent total disability because of accident or illness.
  • Permanent total or partial disability due to accident
  • Protection of the insured’s future premiums
  • Critical illnesses


Maximizer is suitable for those who wish to save and maximize through long-term investments. The plan’s minimum duration is 10 years, with a maximum age limit 80 y.o, so you can invest in your dreams.

Generali provides comprehensive updates on your Investment Account progress through the MyGenerali customer support platform.

A detailed report -in print form- will also be sent to you, on an annual basis.

Finally, your Insurance Advisor is always available for any information you may need.

Yes, you can change your investment option up to four times every year. The first change per year is free of charge.

Yes, you can readjust the amount you are saving depending on your budget, by maintaining the minimum amount of 500€ annually. You can also enhance your regular saving with extra payments that may reach the amount of 50,000€ per year.

The capital accumulated at the expiration of the plan can be received in two ways:

  • With a lump sum payment of the value of the investment account, or
  • With a fixed-term (5, 10, 15, 20 or 35 years) Guaranteed Fixed Monthly Pension program, provided you have reached age 55.

You also have the option -without any additional costs- to withdraw all of your accumulated assets (total acquisition) prior to the expiration of the plan, either at once or through a retirement plan, provided that you have reached the seventh year from the start of the Plan.

Μaximizer is the ideal solution for those who wish to create accumulated assets to cover their future needs. Frequent expenses usually do not allow us to save money, thus this program is drawing up a disciplined and systematic savings plan, laying the foundations for creating an additional source of income in the future. In addition, it is suitable for those looking for a stable savings solution without risking their savings, while providing the support of an expert advisor, who can guide them in developing an investment strategy.

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