Notice: We would like to inform you that due to capital controls, limitations have been imposed to all investment plans and investment-based pension plans.

As dynamic as you!

Every different phase of our life offers different experiences and gifts. Those of you who invest in your career definitely envision a higher living standard when retiring. Pension Plan by Generali gives you the ability to secure additional income, whenever you decide, so you can live the future you desire and deserve.

A dynamic, unit-linked pension program, for those of us who want to participate directly in the creation of the capital they will gain, by the end of the contract.

What makes Pension Plan different is the fact that it is a flexible solution, that can be designed by you, according to your needs, with a wide range of options concerning how to best utilize your capital, thus escaping from the narrow confines of standards pension programs. You can redesign your investment strategy every year and aim for higher returns, as well as choose the time and method of collection of your capital.

  • Ability to maximize the capital through investments
  • Guaranteed pension
  • Min 10 years duration
  • Periodical premium
  • Transparency and updates: Generali informs you in writing at the end of every year, about the value of your investment account, as well as the total credit and charges.
  • Emergency payments
  • Multiple options for the conversion of the capital into a pension
  • Options for the investment risk (three different portfolios):
  1. Generali Stable: Low investment risk, with the aim to secure the initial capital
  2. Generali Balanced: Balance between risk and high returns
  3. Generali Dynamic: The most dynamic investment strategy, with higher investment risk, aiming at highest returns.


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