Notice: We would like to inform you that due to capital controls, limitations have been imposed to all investment plans and investment-based pension plans.

Emphasizing Smart Investing!

Generali recognizes that every effort to secure one’s future is worth the best protection. That’s why we created Pension Emphasis – for the effective protection of an already saved capital. Offering, at the same time, the ability to maximize this capital with low investment risk. One of its comparative benefits is the fact that you cannot only secure your savings from external factors, with one lump installment and no monthly commitment, but you can also see your savings being maximized.

Generali, with the strength and guarantee of a world-wide organization, has designed a new investment plan for you, which secures your access to the European financial markets. And all this in significantly favorable terms, with no exclusions, since the entry into the program requires a very small capital of only 5,000 euros.

Moreover, it offers you freedom in your savings management, giving you the ability to immediately liquidate your account or to convert it into a guaranteed pension, at the time you select. Even on the next day! This innovative new program was designed to offer you ultimate freedom to manage your capital/ savings the way you want.

  • One-off payment of premium
  • Guaranteed pension
  • Entry into European stock markets with a low premium
  • Ability to maximize capital with low risk
  • Added Insurance Protection, in case of death by accident
  • Transparency and flexibility via annual updates, so you can plan your next moves
  • No time limits regarding the liquidation of the capital
  • Multiple options for the conversion of your savings into a pension, even 6 months after the start of the program, so you can enjoy monthly payments


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