Pay As You Drive

"Pay As You Drive " is a reward program based on your driving habits.

Feel confident that your insurance meets your own individual needs. With “Pay As You Drive” service, you receive premium discount depending on the number of kilometers you have traveled.

Graduated discount

Up to 20% discount on your premium depending on the number of kilometers you have traveled

Immediate utilization

Τhe discount you are entitled to is immediately applied on the renewal of your Policy

Easy to use & easy access

Free registration and installation of the app to iOS & Android


Register today and enjoy your routes knowing that they cost you less. Conditions to join the “Pay As You Drive” service:

  • You should own a private use passenger car with 1st registration date later than 1/1/2000
  • You should be up to 69 years of age
  • Your insurance period should be a six or twelve-month
  • You should provide a mobile phone number and an email address

How to use the app

After you have completed the registration, open the application and record on video the vehicle’s plate number and the dashboard with the number of kilometers, continuously with no interruptions. Then, fill in the required fields with both the license plate number and the number of kilometers.

Send the record to Generali and before the renewal of your policy, you will receive an email from Generali, asking you to send the second km measurement. Generali will inform you immediately whether you are going to receive the discount or not.



Less kilometers, less cost

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