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We, at Generali, have a goal of continuously upgrading our services, so we can offer our customers the best possible support in all areas. 

Through a network of partner autorepair shops, we ensure that you receive important benefits and good service. We place great importance on elements such as qualifications, processes and know-how as well as the capabilities of the personnel and customer service. In this way we offer our customers the ability to repair their vehicle with no direct payment from their side. Generali takes care of the payment of repair expenses, directly.

Check the list with the Contracted Repair Shops so as to be able to repair your vehicle as soon as possible and with no fuss and time consuming processes.


  • No need to pay at the repair shop – Generali pays for the repair directly
  • Fast and reliable repair, with no bureaucracy
  • Generali takes care of all the details and communicates directly with the contracted autorepair expert
  • In case of an accident caused by you, if you have not chosen Speed 3 (full coverage) and the repair costs have to be paid by you, you will receive a better price
  • Glass Breakage – If you chose to repair the damage / replace the glass at a contracted shop, there will be no deductible amount for the repair
  • Option of having your car delivered from/to your address, and washed before delivery
  • Pick up and transfer of your car, in case it is immobilized, to a contracted repair shop of your choice
  • Option of replacement car, with no extra cost, in case of an accident (You will have to call Generali, so we can check availability and make necessary arrangements)
  • The repair of your car is set as a priority. A full check of 35 parts of your car will be undertaken and you will receive a certificate with one year’s guarantee.
  • Special discounts for car service. Other offers like for example option to pay by credit card in installments (interest free), and free Exhaust Gas Certificate.


List of Contracted Repair Shops

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