Medical Prime

With Generali's Medical Prime you can secure full coverage in all the sectors of Hospital & Out of Hospital Care & Prevention.


Client Service

Do you have any questions about Generali's insurance products? Generali Client Service is here to help you!



Generali, with 130 years of experience, offers specialized insurance solutions from a wide range of modern & flexible products.



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Generali provides a wide range of insurance programs in the sectors of health, home, car and savings. Discover our services today!


Medical Safety

Medical Safety Generali. A comprehensive solution for health insurance that offers extensive coverage & access to top medical services



Generali Health Insurance - Hospital & Out of Hospital Health Programs with high quality health services for you & your family!



Generali Insurance Company - Car, Ηome, Business and Health Insurance. Generali is there for you, to secure all the things you love.