Our Mission & Vision


Our purpose is to actively protect and enhance people & lives

  • Actively: We play a proactive and leading role in improving people’s lives΄through insurance.
  • Protect: We are dedicated to the heart of insurance – managing and mitigating risks of individuals and institutions.
  • Enhance: Generali is also committed to creating value.
  • People: We deeply care about our clients’ and our people’s future and lives.
  • Lives: Ultimately, we have an impact on the quality of people’s lives: wealth, safety, advice and service are instrumental in improving people’s chosen way of life for the long term.


Our mission is to be the first choice by delivering relevant and accessible insurance solutions.

First choice: Logical and natural action that acknowledges the best offer in the market based on clear advantages and benefits.

Delivering: We ensure achievement striving for the highest performance.

Relevant: Anticipating or fulfilling a real life need or opportunity, tailored to local and personal needs and habits, perceived as valuable.

Accessible: Simple, first of all, and easy to find, to understand and to use; always available, at a competitive price.

Insurance solutions: We aim at offering and tailoring a bright combination of protection, advice and service.