The future belongs to those who can dream… Junior Master Plan: An insurance program that allows you to create a guaranteed savings capital to secure your children’s future. Every parent’s aspiration is to offer the right environment to allow their children to unfold their potential, free from any financial worry. With Junior Master Plan you can rest assured that you will be able to support your children in their future endeavors. Thanks to the innovative design of this program you have the ability to create a capital mount, known from the onset, which shall be available to your children, whenever it is needed. For those of you who prefer a stable approach and who like to focus on clearly defined target, Generali offers the benefit of a guaranteed technical interest; thus ensuring that your capital investment has a stable and guaranteed return. Meanwhile, at any given time, you can know the exact amount of your savings account.

More Information:
How much flexibility will I have?

You can create the savings capital you desire. Generali offers a highly competitive product with multiple deposit options regarding your savings amount. You can also further reinforce your final savings results, with additional
ad hoc deposits.

Can I select the time when the saved capital will be available for withdrawal, as well as the method of withdrawal?

You define when and how your savings capital will be available to your loved ones. The program provides you with the freedom to choose between fixed or increasing deposits, lump sum payment of your savings capital or even lifetime installments. You can even decide on your settlement option at the moment of your policy’s expiration.

In which ways is the capital created?

There are two options:

  • Interest Guaranteed
  • Interest Guaranteed with an Annual 3% Premium Adjustment

Συμπληρώστε το όνομά σας και ένα τηλέφωνο επικοινωνίας και ένας εκπρόσωπος της Generali θα επικοινωνήσει μαζί σας για περισσότερες πληροφορίες.