In Hospital Insurance Program Medical Safety

Discover how absolute security can become a reality with Generali’s comprehensive health program

By carefully studying the developments in public and private healthcare and assessing the high needs of our time, Generali has created Medical Safety. A comprehensive solution for health insurance that offers extensive coverage and access to top medical services. With Medical Safety a full health protection mechanism becomes available to you. The program includes specialized prevention checks, hospitalization in top medical centers in Greece and abroad and even at-home hospitalization and therapy and recovery expenses.

…in order to feel completely safe!

  • 100% of hospitalization expenses all over Greece and overseas
  • 100% of surgery expenses all over Greece and overseas
  • 95% of surgery expenses in the USA and Canada
  • Pre-surgical diagnostic checks
  • Cover of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and dialysis expenses, as well as breast reconstruction (after mastectomy)
  • A variety of Adult Check ups και Children’s Check ups 
  • Specialized Preventive Examinations, like Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy
  • Expenses of emergency medical transfers
  • Recovery and rehabilitation expenses, for up to 6 months / per case
  • After-surgery physiotherapy
  • At-home hospitalization
  • 25% discount for children
  • Free health insurance of newborn baby
  • Good use allowance, when you use more than one insurance providers
  • Childbirth allowance and cover of pregnancy complications
  • Covers second medical opinion expenses
  • Access to all state of the art medical facilities in Greece and high quality services.
  • You can choose one of the different options for the deductible amount
  • Free to choose the medical institution you want

You can find all the partner hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers of the health program at Associate Hospital & Clinics.


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