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Here you can find useful information in case you need to be hospitalized or use a health service, by making use of your insurance cover.

It is important to note that are different health insurance programs at Generali, with different covers and deductible amounts. We recommend that you read your contract, covers and offers, in order to be informed and have a general picture, before the need to make use of the services. In this way you will know where to call and which steps to follow. Each type of surgery and illness can differ greatly from others, so there is no one list of necessary papers for all cases, you will have to call the Health Care Call Center at 18112 and collect all the documents necessary for your claim.

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Health Care Call Center

From a landline or mobile phone, as an outgoing call to landlines or according to the pricing policy of your phone provider. You can also call on 210 8096100. From abroad: +30 210 8096100
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Group Insurance Policy Holders

All the information about your company’s contract can be found in the special booklet you have received and through the e-service platform, with your personal code. For more information about contracted hospitals, diagnostic centers and doctors, please contact the Health Care Call Center.

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Benefit from the offers of your insurance program!

Don’t forget to use the extra services, offered in your insurance program! Prevention is very important for our well-being and overall health; Enjoy the free check-ups or low cost medical visits…

* each program has different benefits

Associate Hospitals

We, at Generali, have a goal of continuously upgrading our services, so we can offer our clients the best possible support in all areas. Through a network of associate hospitals and clinics, we ensure that our clients receive important benefits and good service.

Before using the health services of these hospital / clinics, please contact the Generali Health Care Call Center (18112), in order to be properly informed and guided about the procedure.