Home Insurance Program Home Made

The absolute sense of security for our home, our personal shelter!

Generali created Home Made with the goal of offering the ultimate protection for your home. It is a comprehensive insurance solution against all dangers, recommended to both owners and tenants, with a competitive cost.

Home Made gives you significant rewards and a full range of covers, at an especially good cost.

It is designed to cover even the smallest details that make a difference and effectively protect your property. The covers available include:

  • The building structure
  • External structures (e.i. garage, pergola, swimming pool etc.)
  • Your personal belongings and valuable items, kept in the insured property
  • Equipment and appliances

Moreover, you have the ability to choose the covers you consider necessary and to design your own, custom insurance program. In this way, you can be sure you receive the solution you want, with all the necessary covers.

  • Damage to the building

From causes like: fire, forest fire, natural disasters, leakage, lightning, explosion, burglary, malicious or terrorist acts and theft.


  • Pipeline

Water pipelines, sewage pipelines, air conditioning pipes, heating pipes and central heating boiler, as well as other covers.


  • External structures

External structures such as swimming pools, garages, pergolas, solar power panels and others


  • Content

Electronic equipment, electric appliances, furniture and items of high value (i.e. jewelry, art)


Generali rewards policy holders for:

  • use of alternative, eco-friendly, energy sources (solar, wind and geothermic power)
  • additional home security measures
  • renewal of policy
  • one-off annual payment of premium
  • more than one insurance policies with Generali (under same VAT n.)

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Information Document

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Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

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