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About Life On

At Generali we know that every person is unique. And so are their needs. Therefore, we have designed a comprehensive ecosystem of health benefits and services, offering you with the opportunity to create your own Program, by choosing the covers and services that you need.


With Life On you can be sure that:


  • Someone will take care of you every day, no matter what, from the smallest to the biggest health issue
  • You have protection and medical support wherever you are, through our digital services
  • You gain access to innovative services and applications designed to safeguard and improve your health

Experience the certainty of security, from a modern health insurance plan.



A combination of life & health coverages, in combination with prevention and care services
Comprehensive health coverage from prevention to tertiary care
Create your own program by choosing the covers and services that you need
A combination of life & health coverages, in combination with prevention and care services
Comprehensive health coverage from prevention to tertiary care
Create your own program by choosing the covers and services that you need

A unique health insurance plan,
just like you



  • Full coverage with 5 different protection pillars
  • Multiple choices of basic and optional covers in each pillar
  • Possibility to personalize the program according to your needs
  • Flexibility of options in coverage range: basic, standard, premium
  • Direct coverage of expenses by Generali
  • Coverage in Greece & abroad
  • Extended network of hospitals, doctors & clinics
  • Smart services like teleconsultations with doctors
  • Access to state-of-the-art treatments (immunotherapy, robotic surgery, etc.)


  • Choose between an individual or a family plan with a shared capital
  • Free prevention and care services from the 1rst day of your policy activation
  • Digital tools for quicker customer service
  • Access to loyalty program

Get more than insurance

A Health Ecosystem based on your individual needs and lifestyle

Life On is a health ecosystem that can be modified, according to your needs. Get to know Generali's insurance proposal, which changes the facts in individual and family health insurance and provides you with comprehensive protection and care services.

Pillars of Protection

providing you with comprehensive coverage, no matter what may occur


Based on findings of the World Health Organization, the most common diseases can nowadays be avoided, through prevention. Regular monitoring of one’s health, timely diagnosis and treatment of an incident are the effective means for preserving and maintaining your health. Life On offers multiple options for preventive check ups, based on specific gender and age needs.

3 Packages

of preventive check ups to choose the level of protection that suits you best

Different options of up-to-date examinations, designed to offer coverage that ranges from Basic to Advanced levels of monitoring so that you can choose the option that best fits your needs


On Demand

Additional, specialized, preventive and endoscopic examinations

If you wish to further personalize your annual check up, you can choose additional, more specialized examinations. This way, you create a fully personalized, tailormade solution for the effective monitoring of your health, at a competitive cost



Access to additional preventive check ups at collaborating diagnostic centers

No matter which of the 3 packages you opt for, you can carry out extra preventive examinations at a discount rate at collaborating diagnostic centers

3 Packages - Man
Examinations / PackageBasicStandardPremium
Whole Blood Count
Serum Creatinine
Urine Analysis
Uric Acid 
Total Protein 
Alkaline Phosphatase 
Cardiological Examination 
Prostate Ultrasound  
Chest X-ray  
On Demand
Additional Examinations
Carotid Ultrasound
Heart Ultrasound
24hr Holter monitor test
Triplex ultrasound of veins or arteries in the lower extremities
Stress Test
Lipid Panel (HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides)
Digital Mammography
Transvaginal Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound
Prostate Ultrasound
Thyroid Ultrasound
Audiometer test
Upper and lower abdominal Ultrasound
Rheumatoid arthritis control (rheumatoid factor,

ANA, PC, C3, C4, C Total)
up to 2 examinations/ year
up to 2 examinations/ 5 years
Additional Examinations
Prenatal Examination
Ophthalmological Examination
Osteoporosis Examinatiom
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Tests
Pulmonary Examination
Female Fertility Test
Male Fertility Test
Special preferential prices apply to the above examinations

Doctors & Examinations

Access to a quality system of first degree care is extremely important for the maintenance of good health. Regular visits with your family doctor, accurate documentation of your medical history and diagnostic examinations, contribute to the timely treatment of any health issues that may arise, allowing you to feel safe, every moment.

3 Packages

of out-patient covers for greater flexibility and range of options

Depending on your individual or family primary care needs, you can choose one of the following packages, and:

  • Secure unlimited visits to doctors of every specialty
  • Carry out diagnostic examinations, seamlessly and quickly
  • Select your family doctor from Generali’s extensive network, at a very low cost per visit
  • Cover part of the expenses of your medical visits to doctors outside the Generali network

On Demand

covers for those who want more from their insurance

Be prepared for extraordinary medical expenses that may arise or even expenses related to cosmetic procedures that may be of interest to you, by choosing the optional benefits, and:

  • Obtain access to a specialized network of medical specialists
  • Ensure significant coverage of your expenses
3 Packages
Diagnostic examinationsBasicStandardPremium 
Annual limit:1.500 €2.000 €2.500 € 
 zero contribution

with EOPYY

zero contribution

with EOPYY

Visits to DoctorsBasicStandardPremiumInformation:
Network DoctorUnlimited, at a cost of 20€/visit
Family Doctor from Generali Network Possibility to appoint your family doctor for

regular monitoring of your health at a value for money cost
Personal Doctor Possibility to cover visits to doctors of your choice, outside the Generali network
On Demand
Dental treatments
Eye glasses
Medicines for chronic diseases
Aesthetic medicine


Hospital coverage is the backbone of an insurance policy. It concerns those incidents where due to an accident, illness or emergency situation, you may require hospitalization, treatment in an intensive care unit or surgery. Life On by Generali, offers four different options so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


Hospitalization in the event of an accident

A very affordable program that covers expenses up to 150.000 euros in the event of hospitalization, exclusively due to an accident


Hospitalization in the event of an accident or an illness

A value for money option that provides coverage of up to 150.000 euros for hospitalization (in a twin room), due to an accident or illness


Full in hospital coverage and additional benefits & choices

The most comprehensive package of in hospital care with coverage of up to 1.000.000 euros. It includes all medical procedures, even those that do not require an overnight stay at hospital, with multiple options regarding deductible, allowances & bonus


A comprehensive solution for the entire family, based on a shared capital

Insure your whole family, regardless of the age or number of its members. Share a unified coverage capital and take advantage of the flexibility and completeness coverage that this option provides


Many times, even long after having experienced an injury or illness, further monitoring and medical care is required. Specialized care at rehabilitation centers, carried out by physicians of various specialties and trained nurses, is crucial. By choosing any one of the Hospitalization options offered, you can further extend your coverage to include one of the following rehabilitation options.


for coverage of expenses at rehabilitation centers and at-home care

Coverage of expenses for rehabilitation and recovery at co-operating Generali network centers, with a daily cash limit for a specific coverage period, plus a provision for a two month period of at-home care


includes increased coverage for daily expenses at rehabilitation centers and also includes private nursing expenses

Greater coverage of tertiary and at-home care, plus an additional provision for care provided by a private nurse


for even greater coverage of daily expenses at rehabilitation centers, including the purchase or rental of special equipment if needed

Even greater coverage of rehabilitation and recovery expenses and increased coverage period, plus additional provision for purchase or rental of special equipment


Your insurance coverage becomes a holistic experience, where benefits and covers are combined with prevention and care services, reinforcing your overall well-being. With Life On, you gain access to applications and enjoy privileges, that will enable you to live a better, healthier life
MyGenerali <br><strong>Always by your side</strong>

Always by your side

Take advantage of all the possibilities of your insurance from a single access point. Manage your insurance policies. Submit a new request. Book your appointment online. Call for help and make your payments smoothly and fast!

My e-Doctor <br><strong>The doctor on your phone</strong>

My e-Doctor
The doctor on your phone

Medical services have never been more accessible!

Communicate via teleconference with doctors of different specializations and receive medical advice and consultation 24/7 as well as a first assessment of the possible cause of your symptoms.

My Health IQ <br><strong>Your digital health advisor</strong>

My Health IQ
Your digital health advisor

Obtain a digital life & health coach that will understand you and that will motivate you for a better quality of life. Record your activities, monitor your physical condition and shape your Personal Health Score, receiving personalized guidance and instructions.

My e-Gym <br><strong>Your personal trainer</strong>

My e-Gym
Your personal trainer

Get free access to a wide variety of fitness videos, live gym sessions and guidance from the specialized trainers of Holmes Place, based on your personal level of physical fitness. Choose your favorite training session, from the comfort of your home and watch the benefits of exercise transform your body and your mind.

Your nutritionist <br><strong>In cooperation with Affidea</strong>

Your nutritionist
In cooperation with Affidea

The adoption of healthy dietary habits, is the best way to ensure the optimal condition of your body. Take advantage of privileged access to dieticians – nutritionists and follow a personalized dietary plan that suits your needs.

Your psychologist <br><strong>In cooperation with Melapus</strong>

Your psychologist
In cooperation with Melapus

Mental health is an essential factor in securing a better quality of life. Seek the guidance of experts –(virtually or in person sessions) and book an appointment online at a day and time of your convenience.

Annual Coverage Capital€50.000/€150.000€50.000/€150.000€500.000/ €750.000/ €1 million€1 million sharing coverage
Hospital RoomΒΒΑ/ΒΒ


Hospitalization in Greece and abroad
Hospitalization in USA & Canada
Expenses before and after surgery
One Day Surgery (no overnight stay)
Private Nurse
Emergency Transfer
Second Medical Opinion 
Preventive Mastectomy – Ovatectomy – Trubal Resection  
After HospitalizationBasicStandardPremiumFamily
Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy 
Chemotherapy, Radiation, Radiotherapy 
Legal Expenses  
Psychological Support  
Without HospitalizationBasicStandardPremiumFamily
Emergency and First Aid Visits
Medical Procedures  
Childbirth – Newborn Coverage  
Use of Another Insurance Provided – Good Use Bonus  
Non Submission of Expenses (Surgery Allowance, Daily Hospitalization Allowance)  
Rehabilitation Centers 
Daily Limit

Duration per incident up to:

6 months

6 months

12 months
At-Home care 
Annual Limit

Coverage up to

2 months

2 months

3 months
after hospitalization
Private Nurse  
Coverage up to 20 days30 daysafter hospitalization
Expenses for Rehabilitation Equipment   
Annual Limit  €2.000Coverage of expenses for
the purchase or renting
of equipment or machinery
for the assistance in
the recovery and in
everyday life

Partner Medical Institutions

Discover the partner medical institutions of Life On

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Frequently Asked Questions

Life On is much more than a regular health insurance program. It is a comprehensive system of benefits, covers and services that you can adjust accordingly, to ensure that it meets your needs. It is comprised of 5 pillars of protection, which together create a complete health ecosystem. Specifically, Life On focuses on: Prevention, Doctors & Examinations, Hospitalization and Rehabilitation. These pillars are further reinforced by a range of Services and privileges, with the aim of taking a holistic approach to your health. Each pillar offers a choice of scalable levels of coverage (Basic – Standard – Premium), to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

One of the core advantages of Life On is that it offers great flexibility as well as the freedom to compose a completely personalized health program, with countless of possible combinations. Building on the mandatory basis of Prevention – which is at the core of a good health – you have the ability to activate, enhance and even deactivate each pillar, according to your own personal needs. Make the right combinations that correspond to your lifestyle and your habits and configure your own insurance plan and consequently your premium.

To gain your own Life On insurance experience, it is necessary to choose one of the three levels of Prevention (Basic – Standard – Premium). Regular monitoring and early diagnosis are, after all, a key pillar for maintaining and ensuring good health. Choose the package that best suits your needs, gender and age and thus, lay the foundations of your program. Then, you can “create” your program with the covers and benefits you are interested in (Doctors & Examinations – Hospitalization – Rehabilitation).

No! This is the value of Life On! It is not one unique solution for all but it offers many options for everyone. You can make the combinations you want! The three levels of coverage are designed to expand your options based on your needs. Choose the coverage level that suits you per pillar, and combine them to create the ideal program for you.

Example: Prevention/ Basic – Doctors & Examinations/ Standard – Hospitalization/Premium – Rehabilitation/ Basic

Life On gives you access to a world of services, digital solutions and additional benefits. For the first time, a wide range of specialized services regarding your physical and mental health and your well-being (doctor, psychologist, nutritionist and trainer) compliment your insurance coverage. All these services are activated automatically when selecting your Prevention package.

In addition, by activating the pillar of Hospitalization, you “unlock” an additional service. A digital health consultant, “My Health IQ”, the smart application that allows you to actively manage your health in a enjoyable and scientifically proven way.

All these services are accessible from MyGenerali, the Company’s digital platform (available from PC, mobile and tablet). All the information concerning your insurance coverage, can be found at a single point reference, where you have the opportunity to submit and monitor your claims, make payments and receive helpful advice.

You can now insure all your family members (regardless of number, gender and age) in two different ways.

  • Selection of individual capital for each member
  • Selection of a single shared capital for all members

Your insurance advisor can provide further details and guidance about the best option for you.

At Generali we believe that the personalized advice of a qualified Insurance Advisor is a valuable and essential element to ensure that you receive a proper and complete proposal for your healthcare needs. If you do not have a personal insurance advisor, do not hesitate to ask us for a recommendation. Do your research, browse our website, follow the steps to create your own Life On program, and fill out the relevant form with your contact details. We will make sure to get you in touch with one of our trained Partners, to further discuss your options.

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