Group Life Policies Information

The people of any business are its most valuable asset. That’s why Generali, in collaboration with your employer, has designed a Group Life program aimed at protecting your health from any incident.

Generali Call Center

We are by your side, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for your every need. With a call at 210 8096100 you are able to:

  1. Acquire medical information and guidance
  2. Make an appointment for diagnostic tests and / or a visit to a network’s doctor, based on the terms of your insurance policy
  3. Notify about emergencies and your emergency transfer to the hospital or your scheduled hospitalization to facilitate the admission process
  4. Learn which are the contracted hospitals, clinics and doctors based on your program

Learn more about your insurance policy and the claims process:

I am a customer of:


Former AXA / Alpha Bank

If case you are a holder of a former AXA Group Life policy and you need to submit a claim please contact us at 210 8096100.


Which are my coverages?

You can learn more about the coverages of your Group Insurance Program, either from your Human Resources Department, or by Generali Call Center at 210 8096100, or from your company’s Insurance Advisor.

Which are the partner medical institutions?

You can find out more about the partner medical institutions here by selecting “Former AXA”. You can find out which are the ones included in your Program either from your program brochure or by calling the Generali Call Center at 210 8096100.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency please call Generali Call Center at 210 8096100 to be informed about the procedure you need to follow and the benefits of your Program at the partner medical institutions.

What should I do in case of my hospitalization in a contracted hospital?

In case of your hospitalization in a contracted hospital, first you should inform the Generali Call Center and then at your admission you should provide the hospital with the number of your insurance policy and the name of your insurance company.

What should I do if I am admitted to a non-partner medical institution?

In case you choose a non-partner medical institution for your hospitalization, before your admission, it is important to be informed about your insurance coverage and the reimbursement process.

What are the requirements to receive indemnity for my hospitalization expenses?

You should fill in the Disease or Accident Report and send it to our Offices. Furthermore, you should provide all necessary supporting documents (they differ depending on each program and each case), all original invoices for hospitalization expenses and doctors’ fees to Generali via mail unless you have been informed about the digital procedure for your compensation.

What is a Deductible?

A deductible is the amount or percentage paid by the insured, thus contributing to the expenses when activating their covers and benefits. The amount is duly noted in the Table of Covers included in your policy.


Access all Generali services 24/7, directly and with ease, with our digital customer service platform, MyGenerali. Through the platform you can:

  • Learn about your group life policy’s information and coverages
  • Notify about your hospitalization
  • Receive pre-approval for your hospitalization
  • Book a doctor’s appointment, or an appointment for a check up or a diagnostic examination
  • Open a new claim for medical expenses



Always by your side


How can I activate my coverages?

You can activate your coverages by calling Generali Call Center at 18112 or 210 8096100.

Which are the partner medical institutions?

You can be informed about the partner medical institutions by calling Generali Call Center at 18112 or 210 8096100.

What do I need to do, in the event that I should require hospitalization?

For emergencies please call Generali Call Center to activate your coverage.

For scheduled hospitalizations you can notify us by phone or through MyGenerali. You can also apply to receive pre-approval of your hospitalization by sending all the necessary documents through MyGenerali.

Upon arrival at the hospital, please have your Social Security Number and ID available as well as declare your insurance policy number and your insurance company.

How can I learn which are my coverages?

You can be informed about your coverages in the Insurance booklet you received by your company during the start of your coverage through the group life policy and from MyGenerali.

What’s the GPS and what does it offer?

GPS – Generali Privilege System is a complete management system of both hospital and out-of- hospital services, with special discounts and free offers in all sectors of medical and paramedical care. GPS offers added value to the benefits of a group insurance program that can be perceived and appreciated by employees. It has been created with the needs of employees in mind: the need to have a clear picture of the insurance program and the services, as well as the contracted clinics and hospitals and the need to access a user-friendly digital environment.

It is available 24/7, 365 days a year and offers guidance for medical issues, useful information for the network of doctors, hospital and clinics. GPS can be freely used by all insured persons under the group policy (insured employee and his dependents).

Besides the easy management of the insurance covers and useful information, GPS gives you many discounts and offers:

  • Check-up in hospitals and diagnostic centers
  • Special prices at diagnostic centers
  • Special prices at a network of Physiotherapists
  • Special prices for at-home hospitalization
  • Discounts at optical stores for glasses and contact lenses
  • Discounts at rehabilitation centers
  • Discounts for in vitro fertilization
  • Discounts at cosmetic medicine centers