Here, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our Home Insurance. If you would like to find out more, please contact you insurance agent or one of the Generali Sales Offices.

How can I renew my insurance policy?

The policy will be automatically renewed, unless we have received a notice from you, or if there is an outstanding balance to be paid.

What do I have to do in case of burglary?

  • Contact your local Police Station.
  • Report the burglary / theft to Generali or your insurance agent.

How can I receive my compensation for damages caused by fire?

  • You have to report the incident to the Fire Department (199).
  • You have to report it to Generali or your insurance agent.

Does Generali cover me against earthquake damages?

Yes, but with the following conditions:

  • The property was built after 1960.
  • The property was built in accordance to antiseismic guidelines.
  • The property has not been damaged by previous earthquakes.

What does the term “content” include in a Generali Home Insurance program?

Content: The total list of home items and personal items that belong to the policy holder or his/her family members, who also reside in the insured property.

Watches can also be included in content, as long as their replacement value is not higher than 800 euros per watch or higher than 1,500 per incident, per year.

You can choose the combination you prefer to insure both your house and its content, or only the house / only the content.

Is there an option for content insurance of high-value items and artwork?

Of course. You can insure art work and valuable collections, by including them and their details in the application.

Generali also carries Special Insurance for Artwork against all risks, if you wish to have a separate insurance policy for your collection.

Moreover, Home Made has the option of insuring jewelry (optional cover) under the following terms:

  • A detailed list and description of the items has been filed (with photos and value of each item).
  • The jewelry is kept in a safe.
  • Damage to or theft of jewelry kept outside the safe is covered by 10% of the total value of the item list, with a maximum compensation of 3,000 euros.

What are the definitions of a Permanent Residence and a Temporary Residence? Can I insure both?

Permanent Residence: an apartment or detached house which is declared by the policyholder at the outset as his/her main residence. Such a residence must not be used only for recreational purposes or for short periods of time.

Temporary Residence: a second home, a property that is used for short periods of time within a year, mainly for recreation / holiday.

Your Temporary Residence can only be insured if your Permanent Residence is, and will be insured under similar terms.

Please note that foreign residents (persons whose permanent residence is outside Greece), are not affected by the above term for Temporary Residence Insurance.

What are the insured values?

The value of reconstruction of the insured property, when insuring a building structure.

The value of replacement, when insuring content.

Value of reconstruction: we define the total of m² of the insured property and added spaces multiplied by 1,000 euros per m².  

Value of replacement: the total of m2 of the insured property and added spaces multiplied by 300 euros per m².

The value of special structures (pool, gazeebo, BBQ, garage, solar power boiler etc.) will be included in the total value of the property.

What documents are necessary for Generali to issue a home insurance policy?

A fully completed insurance application.

For whom are Home Made and Home Style insurance programs created for?

  • For home owners, who reside in the insured property and wish to insure the building structure
    or the contents of their home.
  • For home owners who lease the property to a third party.
  • For tenants who wish to insure the content of their home.

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