Frequently asked questions about our Health Insurance

Here, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our Health Insurance. If you would like to find out more, please contact you insurance agent or one of the Generali Sales Offices.

Why would a deductible or contribution from my part actually be more useful for me?

If there are deductibles the premium is lower. The main benefit of having a deductible amount in your policy is that the annual premium is cheaper; moreover the annual adjustment of premium will also be smaller.

Please consider that the simultaneous use of other insurance providers, may minimize the payment of deductibles by the policy holder, or even nullify it.

How can I combine my hospital care insurance program with state health insurance? What are the benefits?

You can use your health insurance program and state health insurance simultaneously. In this way, you will benefit from not having to pay a deductible amount. You will also receive a “good use” bonus and, in the long term, there will be a lower adjustment rate to your premium.

What papers will I need to provide Generali with, in case of hospitalization at a non-contracted hospital?

You will need to provide the following:

  • Declaration of accident or illness.
  • Original invoices and receipts for services and special materials used for the operation.
  • Receipts and medicine stamps, included in the hospital invoice.
  • Discharge Slip.

Additional papers may be required, depending on the incident:

  • Doctor’s Note (state hospitals).
  • Formal translations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (hospitals outside Greece).
  • Medical history of the hospitalization and treatment.
  • Original Health Record Book.

What do I have to do if I need to be hospitalized?

You have to inform the Health Care Call Center (18112 or 210 8096100) about the hospitalization and whether it is a scheduled operation, so you can be informed about the contracted hospitals. If you chose a hospital other than the contracted hospitals, there will be a difference in the method of payment (contracted institutions are paid directly by Generali). In case of an emergency hospitalization the call center can offer you information about your nearest contracted hospital. In all cases, do not forget to have your Generali Insurance Card with you.

How can I book an appointment for a medical examination?

You can call the Generali Health Care Call Center (18112 or 210 8096100), in order to book an appointment with an associate doctor of the appropriate specialization. Please do not forget to quote the number printed on your insurance card.

What do I have to do if I need to have diagnostic tests done?

You will have to call the Generali Medical Call Center (18112 or 210 8096100), in order to book an appointment at a contracted diagnostic center. Please do not forget to quote the number printed on your insurance card..

How do I receive my compensation in case of hospitalization?

In case of hospitalization at a contracted hospital, you will not need to pay anything, except the deductible amount of your policy. If you are hospitalized at non contracted hospital you will have to pay the full amount and file a claim at Generali, with the required papers.

What’s the difference between a Hospital and Out of Hospital Insurance Program?

Besides primary health care needs, the Hospital Insurance program covers more health needs that include hospitalization, as well as whole process – from tests to rehabilitation. Some examples are:

  • Anaesthesiologist’s fee.
  • Surgeon’s fee.
  • Room expenses.
  • Pre-surgical and post-surgical expenses.

For more information you can visit the Health Insurance section, under Personal Insurance.

What does a Generali Out of Hospital insurance program cover, in general?

In short, Out of Hospital programs cover a variety of health needs that do not require hospitalization / hospital stay, such as:

  • Medical Visits.
  • Medical procedures.
  • Diagnostic Tests.
  • General Preventive Tests.
  • Specialized Preventive Tests.

For more information you can visit the Health Insurance section, under Personal Insurance.

Are medical examinations mandatory for a health policy?

Not necessarily. Depending on the profile of the candidate policy holder, as well as the selected insurance program, the company may ask for pre-insurance health examinations.

I am married with / without children. Why is it better for me to choose a Family Insurance program?

The Family series is a truly smart solution, since it provides you with health insurance for all the members of the family, in one single contract, with clear terms and conditions and one premium. In this way, it helps you manage your family budget and save on health insurance.

What solutions does Generali offer for Health Insurance?

The basic insurance Generali offers is separated into:

  • Primary care insurance (Health Keeper) and secondary care insurance (Medical Safety, Medical Prime).
  • Family insurance packages.


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