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Frequently asked questions about our Health Insurance

Here, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our Health Insurance. If you would like to find out more, please contact you insurance advisor or one of the Generali Sales Offices.

What insurance solutions does Generali offer for Health Insurance?

With a goal to address your needs in a holistic manner, Generali has created a complete system of covers, benefits and services, in its Life On health program. It is a tailor made insurance experience, which is built around 5 pillars of protection, that together create a comprehensive health ecosystem.

Specifically, Life On is concentrated on the following axis: Protection, Doctors & Examinations, Hospitalization, Rehabilitation. These axis are further enriched by a variety or services and privileges designed to approach your health care needs in a holistic manner. You can configure your personal Life On program, by selecting the options that best fit your needs.

Additionally, the health care solutions Medical Prime and Medical Select are also available, offering effective coverage, regardless of one’s medical history, and providing access to high level medical care at selected, top hospitals within Greece.

How can I book an appointment for a medical or a diagnostic examination?

When using the covers of your insurance policy (check-up, diagnostic examinations, appointment with doctors), it is always best to communicate first with the company. This way, Generali can act your behalf to co-ordinate and program the respective medical examinations or appointments, as well as the approval of the diagnostic examinations or visits with the co-operating doctors and medical institutions of the Generali Network. You can contact the company in one of the following ways:
– By phone, calling the Generali Call Center at 210-8096100 or at 18112
– Via the MyGenerali, digital customer portal (available from desktop or app for smartphones and tablets). Specifically, through the app you can book an appointment at a date and time of your choice, quickly and effortlessly, no matter where you are. See how here.

What do I need to do, in the event that I should require hospitalization?

It is very important that you contact Generali, to inform us about your hospitalization, whether it is a scheduled admission or an emergency. This way, you will be able to take full advantage of your Insurance Policy, activating the respective covers and thus beginning your compensation process. You can contact us, in one of the following ways:
– By phone, calling the Generali Call Center at 210-8096100 or at 18112
– By submitting a claim via the MyGenerali, digital customer portal (available from desktop or app for smartphones and tablets). See how here.

How am I covered, in the event of my hospitalization?

In the event that you require hospitalization, you have 100% coverage in Greece and abroad, and 95% coverage specifically in USA and Canada. For Greece, coverage involves hospitalization expenses incurred in public and private hospitals, whether they are included in the Generali Network or not, provided payment of your deductible has been made.

In the event of day surgery without overnight stay, the selection of the hospital (public or private) will determine whether or not you will be required to pay your deductible. Payment is made only if your select a private hospital (collaborative or not).

Those insured with the programs Medical Prime and Medical Select enjoy coverage at the hospitals included in the Generali network in Greece, and payment of your deductible is required. 100% coverage is provided for hospitalization abroad and 90% in USA and Canada.

How do I receive compensation, in the event of my hospitalization?

In the event of hospitalization, which is carried out at an associated hospital (within the Generali network) in Greece, you will not need to make any payment to the hospital (except your deductible amount ), provided that you inform the company prior to your hospitalization.
You can contact the company in one of the following ways:
– By phone, calling the Generali Call Center at 210-8096100 or at 18112
– Via email, sending your notification to the address lifeclaimsapproval@generali.gr
– Via the MyGenerali, digital customer portal (available from desktop or app for smartphones and tablets).

Specifically, through the app you can utilize a range of digital services, such as the online submission of medical expenses and related status updates, that allow you easy access and follow-up of your claims payments. Learn more here.

It is essential to inform Generali before your hospitalization, otherwise direct settlement of hospital expenses, will not be activated.
In the event of your scheduled hospitalization abroad, it is necessary to inform the company at least 10 days in advance. Also, following your discharge from the hospital, all documents concerning your hospitalization, must be duly submitted to the company. These documents must be certified by the Authorities and legally translated.

What documents will I need to provide Generali with, in the event of my hospitalization at hospital that is not included in the Generali network?

In case of hospitalization in Greece and abroad, the documents required are:
– The “Compensation Request” Form, completed and signed
– The “Medical Therapist” Form completed, signed and stamped by the doctor
– The complete Medical Record which includes the admission and the discharge ticket , the medical findings – assessment of the treating physician, the results of the laboratory and/ or imaging examinations and the hospitalization medical records
– Copy of the first page of your Banking Book or any receipt stating your IBAN account number
When hospitalized abroad, the above-noted documents must be translated and validated.

Additional supporting documents that may be requested depending on the incident are (indicatively):
– The operating notes
– The histological report
In case of participation of another insurance provider (public or private), the file of participation etc.

What additional benefits can I include in my health program?

The safeguarding of your life and health, can be further enhanced with a number of Additional Insurance Benefits & Allowances. Thus allowing you to feel safe and protected at all times.

Generali’s Life On program includes Term Life and/ or Term Life Plus coverage, as well as Accident Care, which alongside with Prevention are the basis of your Health Ecosystem. There are many options that allow you to further reinforce your Ecosystem, which relate to cases of Total Permanent Disability, Critical Illness, Death due to Accident, Loss of Income, etc. You can find more information regarding these options on our website .

Consult your insurance advisor to choose the Benefits & Allowances that best correspond to your profile and needs.

Are medical examinations mandatory for Life On or any other health program?

Medical examinations are not always necessary. Depending on the profile of each individual being considered for insurance coverage, as well as the answers provided during the completion of the health questionnaire, the company may ask for pre-insurance health examinations.

What is a Deductible? Why would a deductible actually be more advantageous for me?

A deductible is the amount or percentage paid by the insured, thus contributing to the expenses when activating their covers and benefits. The amount is selected when contracting your Insurance Policy and it is duly noted in the Table of Covers included in your policy.

It is in your best interest to choose a deductible, as it reduces the amount of your premiums and therefore you can enjoy a lower annual premium. In addition, if you use /activate another insurance provider (public or private) simultaneously, you may see your deductible minimized or even offset by the amount contributed by your alternate provider. So, in fact, you may end up paying a reduced or even negligible amount, of the expenses.

How can I combine my health program with state health insurance? What are the benefits?

You can use your health insurance program and state health insurance simultaneously. In this way, you will benefit from a reduced deductible amount you have to pay while also receiving a “good use” bonus.

How is my premium calculated?

In order to calculate your premium, the company takes into account a number of indicative factors, such as the age and the profession of the insured, their place of permanent residence and their declarations made during the Insurance Application/ Offer stage. The options selected by the insured with respect to, hospitalization room type, deductible amount, and annual insured capital also affect the insurance premium, in addition to a number of other factors such as the average cost of hospitalization, mortality rate, portfolio experience etc.