Here, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our Motor Insurance. If you would like to find out more, please contact you insurance agent or one of the Generali Sales Offices.

I transferred the ownership of my car. What is the procedure I need to follow?

You will have to contact Generali for any changes in regards to the ownership of the vehicle.

What is Amicable Agreement and what are the benefits of this system?

It is a formal agreement between insurance companies, through which the claims are processed by your insurer (if the accident was not caused by you) and are therefore processed much faster and with no further actions from your part. In order for the Amicable Agreement to be in force, both drivers have to fill in and sign the special form (Amicable Agreement Form) and forward their respective copy to their insurer.

If I want to travel abroad by car, what do I have to do? What documents will I need?

In order to be able to drive abroad you will need the following:

  • A valid car insurance policy
  • To inform Generali or your insurance agent about your journey, its duration and the destination, in order to have a Green Card issued.
  • With a Green Card you will be covered for Civil Liability towards Third Parties, when driving abroad, in the European Union and all other countries in the Green Card System. In Germany there is a special system of Environmental Zones, for which you will also need a special sticker*.
  • If you are involved on an accident you have to note down the registration number, the brand and type of the other vehicle, the name of the owner and driver and inform the local Police. Then you have to inform Generali. You can also call Generali Accident Assistance.


*For more information on Environmental Zone Stickers in Germany please visit:
http://www.tuev-sued.de/auto_fahrzeuge/feinstaub- plakette/feinstaubplakette_ausland/england
http://www.germany.travel/en/travel-information/along- the-way/along- the-way.html
http://www.bmub.bund.de/service/buergerforum/haeufige-fragen- faq/

I bought a new car. What process do I have to follow to insure my new car, instead of the old one?

  • Inform Generali about the change
  • Send a new insurance application
  • Provide Generali with the new Vehicle Registration Document
  • Provide Generali with the invoice of purchase
  • Send a written notice for the cancellation of your old car’s insurance

How can I have my car repaired without paying the repair shop?

You can go to any contracted auto repair shop that has special partnership with Generali, here you can repair your vehicle as soon as possible and with a 1 year guarantee for repairs and parts, with no payment. The inly amount you will be asked to pay is the deductible amount stated in your policy (if there is one).

Generali will take care of the repair cost in direct communication with the repair shop.

If I suffer damages by an unregistered / uninsured vehicle how can I receive my compensation?

You will receive your compensation directly from Generali. The fault of the uninsured driver must be proven, by a public document (for example, the Police Incident Report or the legal prosecution case-file).

If the uninsured driver does not wish to involve the Police, he / she will have to fill-in and sign a Formal Declaration, according to which he / she accepts the responsibility for the accident. 

If I add a trailer or a hitch to my vehicle what further actions do I have to take?

You have to register the trailer or hitch in the Ministry of Transport, so a special permit can be issued. Then you have to forward the permit to Generali, in order for the trailer / hitch to be included in your policy.

In case of glass breakage how does Generali compensate me?

If you have selected the glass breakage cover, Generali pays for the repair or replacement of glass, with no payment from you. Thanks to Generali’s cooperation with Carglass® and GlassDrive, you can use glass replacement services all over Greece and within the minimum time. Alternatively, you can take your vehicle to a contracted auto repair shop. In any case, you will not be charged with a deductible amount.


Tel. 213 0110056 


Tel. 800 11 777999, 210 5593976 and 2310 798770

In the case of theft, does Generali cover car rental service?

Yes, as long as you have selected the specific cover in your policy. There is a 1,000 euro limit per incident, per year. The rental car should not be more than 11 units in taxable horsepower. Other expenses, like fuel, are not covered.

What steps do I need to follow if my car is stolen or burnt?

  • Call Generali Accident Care on 18112 or 210 8096100 within eight days, in order to declare the theft or fire.
  • Inform the Police immediately (100)
  • In case of fire, please call the Fire Department (199)

What papers does Generali need in order to issues a car insurance policy?

  • Vehicle Registration and Driving License of the main driver
  • Purchase Invoice (for new vehicles)
  • Completed Insurance Offer (online) with all the personal details of the policy holder and the main driver

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