Here, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our other insurance programs. If you would like to find out more, please contact you insurance agent or one of the Generali Sales Offices.


What does full boat insurance cover?

The full boat insurance package covers damages to your boat that may be caused by fire, theft, collision, impact from another boat and sea dangers.

What does the mandatory civil liability insurance for boats cover?

Civil liability protects you financially in case you have to compensate third parties for injuries, death, physical damage to other boats or ports, caused by you.

Is boat insurance mandatory by law?

According to law 2743/99 of the Greek State, all boat owners are obliged to insure their boats for Civil Liability.


What should I pay attention to, as a cyclist?

  • According to the Highway Code, all bicycles should have lights and reflectors.
  • All bicycles should have a bell.
  • Cycling is prohibited in highways and high-speed motorways, thus your insurance policy does not cover you in this case. You should always use the appropriate bicycle routes.

How is the insured value of the bicycle defined?

The insured value of your bicycle is defined by its price and year of purchase.
The bicycle age percentage, which is subtracted from the original purchase price, is as follows:

0-3 years: 0%
3-5 years: 20%
5-7 years: 30%
7-10 years: 40%
Over 10 years: 50%

What do I do in case of an accident or damage?

You will need to call Accident Care by dialing 18112 (Greece) or 210 80 96 100 (from abroad), in order to receive instructions and advice from our partners. Accident Care services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, all over Greece.

Can I repair any damage to my bicycle without paying?

If you choose one of our contracted repair shops, you can repair your bicycle, with no payment.

How do I receive compensation, in case my bicycle is completely destroyed or stolen?

Generali offers you compensation for the insured value of your bicycle. You also have the option of replacement – with a bicycle of the same price and quality, in one of our contracted repair shops.

What types of bicycles can be insured?

Standard 2-wheel bicycles and electric bicycles, up to 250 watts.

Does the insurance cover anyone using my bicycle, with my consent?

Coverage is extended solely to the Insured Person, declared as the cyclist / user of the bicycle.

Does Cycle Way cover the theft of my bicycle from outdoor spaces?

Theft is only covered when the bicycle is stolen from the policy holder’s residence, store room or garage and only if the above spaces had been locked and have visible signs of a break-in.

Are the accessories of the bicycle covered from theft?

Parts and accessories are not covered. The policy covers only the Total Theft of the bicycle. 


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