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ENFIA discount up to 10%

Insure your home & get Property tax ENFIA discount up to 10%

The ENFIA discount is a tax incentive to insure your home. Below you can find the answers to your most frequently asked questions on the subject. Get to know what the benefits of home insurance are overall, because your home is as unique as the moments you live in it every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

According  to the recent law (Law 5045/2023 / Article 44 (Reduction of Single Property Tax on insured buildings - Addition of paragraph 7G to article 3 of Law 4223/2013), a reduction of ENFIA (Single Property Tax) on insured homes is foreseen. The discount on ENFIA will be paid to the owners by the Ministry of National Economy and Finance.

The above arrangement is an additional incentive for homeowners to insure them against natural disasters. It is estimated that the percentage of homes insured against natural disasters in Greece is particularly low and is estimated at 15% to 17%, resulting in the cost of repairing damages being borne almost exclusively by the owners.  It should be noted that unlike in Greece, where home insurance is optional, in many European countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Austria, home insurance is mandatory.

The discount on ENFIA will be up to 10%. However, as stated in the law it is proportionate and reduced if the duration of the insurance is less than 1 year.

The requirements for the ENFIA discount to be applied, for the individual insurances of homes, are the following:

  • You should have at least a 3 month insurance policy duration the previous year.
  • The insurance should cover 100% of the value of the house, which should be at least €1,000/sqm.
  • Your home insurance policy should include earthquake, fire and flood coverage.

You can find the ENFIA tax clearance slip through myAADE, after logging in to taxisnet codes and then selecting Declaration E9/ENFIA. Alternatively, your accountant can guide you.

If you wish to have comprehensive coverage, which will also meet the conditions for ENFIA discount, Generali offers,  Home On and Home Style  from which you can choose.


Also, we can recommend the most suitable insurance for you, according to the characteristics of your home and your budget. You can get a quote easily and quickly here

Find out how you always get more, by insuring your house!

Benefits & advantages of a holistic home insurance

Full coverage for natural disasters & natural phenomena (Flood, Earthquake, Fire) & additional coverages
Discount of up to 10% in ENFIA, proportional to the duration of the insurance
Digital tools & innovative services that empower your everyday life
Personal service & consultation from a specialized advisor
Full coverage for natural disasters & natural phenomena (Flood, Earthquake, Fire) & additional coverages
Discount of up to 10% in ENFIA, proportional to the duration of the insurance
Digital tools & innovative services that empower your everyday life
Personal service & consultation from a specialized advisor

Why I should insure my property?

What are the benefits I enjoy other than the ENFIA discount?


Home insurance is the most direct and comprehensive way to protect your precious asset, which is your home. The range of covers included in a typical home insurance policy is so wide that it covers you not only for natural disasters but also for more frequent damages such as pipe leakage, theft, short circuit and even events and damages that may happen accidentally to you or third parties.


You can also insure against damages other than the building such as:


  • the contents of your home, i.e. assets and personal data, equipment and electronic devices as well as
  • the auxiliary spaces/ secondary structures, i.e. the storage room, BBQ, garage, pergolas/ kiosks, etc.

So consider that with the options provided by Generali you can protect through insurance from any eventuality, an investment that cost hundreds of thousands of euros, covering damage repair costs of multiple value.


Is home insurance a value for money option?

Home insurance is an absolutely advantageous option. Just think that the average cost of repairing one of the most common damages to homes, such as leaking pipes, is €1,500. The money you will need to pay for its restoration individually is up to 8 times more than if you had home insurance. Respectively, according to data, the average cost of repairing a damage due to natural phenomena is estimated at €4,800.  An amount that is up to 25 times more than the average annual premium for the building.


Also, it is worth knowing that if you have home insurance, in case of damage a whole mechanism is activated to restore it and immediately compensate it, so that you can save not only money, but also time to return to normal rhythms and enjoy the warmth of your home. In any case, there is the flexibility to customize your insurance, tailoring it to your needs. One of Generali's specialized insurance consultants is at your disposal to provide clarifications and answer your questions.


Did you know...


  • The cost of your home insurance can be compared to the cost of as much as 2 delivery per month!
  • While it is up to 50% less than what a coffee costs you per day!

The example concerns indicative insurance for a home with the following characteristics: Apartment 100sqm, in Athens, built in 2008 with insured capital €120.000. Content with an insured capital of €30.000,00, with optional earthquake coverage for the building and the content.


So why should I insure my home anyway?

Based on the requirements of the law, I am not entitled to an ENFIA discount (e.g. the minimum duration of three months has elapsed).


Remember that you can secure the ENFIA deduction for the next period (2025), as long as you have insured the house from 3 to 12 months in 2024. Also, your insurance and the coverage it provides remains active throughout its duration and protects you against damages, regardless of the performance of the ENFIA discount. So, being insured, you are in any case a winner and you can save costs that far exceed the percentage of the discount on ENFIA.


Still thinking about insuring your home?

Generali offers you comprehensive house insurance plans with coverages that offer full protection, at a competitive cost


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