For customers and agents who want on-line tools that help them manage policies, claims and payments.


NEW My Health Assistance

The new digital service for all Health Keeper policy holders is now at your disposal with just one click!

Go to My Health Assistance from your mobile, your tablet or your PC and enjoy a new customer friendly service experience. By entering the Contract Number, Customer Code, telephone number and your email, you can have direct access to the benefits of your program. You can book online appointments with doctors of the specialty you are interested in and schedule diagnostic examinations and check up on days and hours of your choice with ease and simplicity. Also, by pressing the emergency button, you can receive medical support no matter where you are.

Shielding your health has never been simpler!

My Health Assistance

My Generali

The new digital space, especially designed for Generali policy holders, is here! With My Generali you can access your policies, payments and claims, from wherever you are. You can look up all your insurance contracts, pay online, as well as view the status and progress of a claim, whenever you want.

All the information is clearly filed under categories, so you can easily find all the details you are looking for. The user-friendly environment and the step-by-step guidance, make navigating My Generali a pleasant and very simple experience.

Register on the application for free, from a PC or mobile phone, for immediate access to your documents and with 24/7 status updates.

My Generali

My Drive

Drive safely and gain rewards!

How safe a driver are you? Find out with the help of Generali’s smartphone app, MyDrive, which helps you improve your driving skills, while at the same time offering you the opportunity to win up to 30% discount on your motor premium!

As you activate the app, it records every detail of your trips and calculates your own personal driving score. The score is based on speed, breaking, cornering and acceleration factors. After each trip, you can see the analysis of your driving behavior and get advice on how to improve your driving skills. Moreover, the application offers you useful tips for road safety and fuel saving.

Download Generali’s MyDrive on your mobile phone today, enjoy extra safety and lower costs!

Drive your best and pay less!

My Drive

* The app is available only for Speed 2 & 3 insurance policy holders. The discount, up to 30% depending on the personal driving score, is applied on the basic cover of Third Party Liability.

My Road Assistance

Whatever may occur during your journeys, Generali is always by your side, just one click away! Follow the link below, fill-in the required details online and your Road Side Assistance will be dispatched immediately.

You can now feel even safer, by monitoring the route of your RSA driver in real time, on your mobile phone or tablet, from wherever you are!

Call Road Side Assistance Online

My Road Assistance

Fast Pay

The fastest and easiest way to pay your insurance premiums, wherever you are. With the digital tool “Fast Pay”, you can pay securely via credit card with up to 12 free interest free installments.




A comprehensive digital platform of unified insurance services. OneView is the new Generali platform that aims to rid the insurance agent of time-consuming processes and to provide him with one central point of multiple purposes. Specifically, thanks to the integration of many different services within a wide system, the execution of insurance processes is now fastest than ever. A characteristic example is the issue of car insurance: through OneView you have the ability to price, create a quote and issue a policy. You can also search for codes via eurotax. All this can be done through a user-friendly environment and in four clear steps that decrease the duration of policy issuing down to 3 minutes. At the same time, you can look at insurance policy related information and extract data in digital format. The innovation of this new application does not end here… The platform will contain more functions and useful tools in the future, in order to optimize the management of all processes regarding your daily work! The digital revolution is now in your hands!

For accessing the applications Basis, Iris and Thesis you can use the previous links.