Incidents that require dental healthcare usually create a significant burden in our monthly budget. Now you can be ridden of the anxiety surrounding dental care, as Dental Protection Family offers you full coverage for adults as well as children. From preventive dental checks and x-rays, specialized periodontology cover, dental surgical procedures and prosthetics, up to preventive child dentistry. Now, the perfect smile runs in your family!

  • Basic dental procedures and their materials
  • Orthodontics
  • Child Dentistry
  • Dental surgical procedures

Completely free, every year:

  • Dental check-up (1)
  • Orthodontic check-up (1)
  • Dental Cleaning (1)
  • Cavity Filling (1)
  • Dental visit for emergency and acute-pain incident (1)

For Children:

  • Dental check-up (1)
  • Orthodontic check-up (1)
  • Fluorosis (1)
  • Extraction of deciduous tooth (1)
  • Dental Hygiene Certificate (1)
  • Dental care for the whole family in one move.
  • You can access modern dental services with one premium and one contract.
  • Available to couples with or without children
  • Available as an independent insurance program or as an add-on to a Non-Hospital insurance program
  • No age limits
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