Generali for the community

For Generali, our People, Partners and Customers are always at the center of every decision and every action we take, providing for their protection and safety. The global health crisis requires actions and brings to light, now more than ever before, the importance of our mission. We unite with the community, and actively contribute to the battle against the pandemic.

Learn more about Generali’s actions to address the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, in Greece as well as around the world, in the following section.

Generali, Your Lifetime Partner

Thinking Globally…

As a citizen of the world, the Generali Group has set up an Extraordinary International Fund of € 100 million to bolster the efforts to tackle Covid-19 and support economic recovery in the countries that were mostly affected by the pandemic. Generali employees are also active in the support of the Fund through their voluntary personal contributions.

Meanwhile, corporate social responsibility actions are taking place simultaneously in every country where Generali is present.

…acting Locally

For our Customers

Supporting our insured without exceptions

Acting responsibly, in light of current developments, we proceeded to waive the exemption of pandemic from our Life and Health policies. We have activated a Daily Hospital Allowance, with a goal to ensure comprehensive coverage for our clients against Covid-19.

We support small businesses, which are the backbone of the Greek economy

At the same time, taking into consideration that Small Enterprises, which comprise the very backbone of the Greek economy, have been particularly hard hit by the measures taken for the containment of the pandemic, we have proceeded with a dedicated initiative to contribute to their financial relief. For the period that their business activity is suspended, we offer a special subsidy.

Digital services, accessible anytime, anywhere

We remain close to our customers and continue to seamlessly address hundreds of requests daily, without impediment, through the use of technology and innovation and the collective work of our people. We continue to offer the same high level of service in every situation.

For our Partners

Digital tools & services available for all

With a sense of responsibility towards our Intermediaries, a wide range of digital tools and services have been placed at their disposal to secure the smooth continuation of their work. Having invested in our digital transformation, all our processes from the issuance of offers and insurance policies to the servicing of requests, are carried out efficiently in a digital environment. Also, digital seminars and updates are carried out on a daily basis. Stay home. Stay connected.

For our Employees

We support our people

We have aligned our operations in accordance to the guidelines of the respective Authorities, keeping our people informed and safe, contributing to the effort of containment of the virus.

From day one, we have reinforced the hygiene protocols in our offices. From March 19th, we implemented remote working from home, providing our employees with the necessary technological equipment to continue their daily activities unheeded.

We provide support to our people, by offering all our employees and their families free access to 24-hour Psychological Support Services, to assist them in maintaining a positive outlook and sound mental balance. In addition, reinforce their good health and wellbeing, we provide a dietary hotline, and on-line live exercise sessions.

We remain an active community of people, working for those in need.

For the Community

Joining forces with the Scientific Community

We contribute to tackling the health crisis by supporting the medical and nursing staff of the National Health System, uniting our forces with public and private bodies.

We have proceeded with the donation of a 3D printer to the Hellenic Mediterranean University and have also supported the private initiative Hellas COVID19 3D Printing Supplies with a monetary donation, to assist in the production of face-shield type protective masks for public hospital staff, the production of valves and other ventilators needed, through innovative 3D printing technology.

Free digital medical counseling

We lend our support to the telemedicine platform Dr. Button, to ensure that as many of our fellow citizen as possible have free access to remote medical advice and assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through this digital platform, users can teleconference with volunteer doctors to receive medical advice on coronavirus, from wherever they are, whenever the need arises.