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We pursue the objective of value creation not only in economic terms but also in social and environmental ones: we are committed to ensuring good financial performance in the long term and to helping to change for the better the society in which we operate. We want to help improve people’s lives, above all through high quality products and services that meet our clients’ protection needs. We also feel part of the community in which we operate, and seek to aid it by supporting various projects. We believe our success is primarily based on the quality of our people. In fact we aim at improving social dialogue contributing to the awareness of employees on the business development.


European Social Charter

In this respect, and at European level according to a specific European Directive, the Generali Group set up since 1997 an appropriate venue to improve social dialogue with the European Works Council.

Moreover, we adopted the European Social Charter in 2006 to address some principles and objectives which aim at consolidating and promoting mutual trust between management and employees and a positive working environment based on respect of labour rights.

Equal Opportunities

Generali Hellas is an equal opportunities employer and prohibits the discrimination of employees, partners, and candidates based on their origin, race, gender, age, religion, nationality, disability or other personal characteristic.

Code of Conduct

Our corporate responsibility strategy is established on the basis of the Group’s business priorities and the principles set out in our Code of Conduct. The strategy also takes into account the needs and expectations of our key stakeholders, who play an important role in the ongoing success of the Group. Our strategy is outlined in the Charter of Sustainability Commitments.

This document is fundamental to the management of key social, environmental and governance matters. It also identifies areas of action we intend to focus on in the coming years, to help us achieve our business objectives and create value for our stakeholders.


Blood Donation

Generali Hellas conducts volunteer blood donations every year. It has become a tradition for many years now.


Sponsorships are given annually to MKOs like Theofilos, Cerebral Palsy Greece, “Ikaros” of Samos, ANOA and many more.


Generali supports recycling and our office supplies, like paper and ink cartridges, are being recycled, as well as batteries.

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Our CSR Priorities:

  • Support the clients to look to the future with greater equanimity and promote resilience of the communities;
  • Care for socio-demographic change, improving the quality of life of senior people;
  • Build an inspiring working environment putting people enhancement first;
  • Contribute to limit climate change and address its effects;
  • Foster ethics in investments and backing responsible business models;
  • Promote transparency and widespread sense of responsibility.