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Third party liability covers both the insured and the beneficiaries of the policy against physical injuries and death caused by them to third parties, as well as material damages to objects or animals owned by third parties.


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Public liability concerns cases in which a person either with their actions or omissions causes a physical injury or material damage to a third party which is obliged to be restored under the Civil Law.

Public Liability insurance covers you against unforeseen incidents. Its price is relatively low in relation to the costs required for restoring the damages or physical injuries that may be incurred and which may reach up to tens of thousands of euros, times higher than the annual premium.

It is not, though it’s a very important and valuable coverage since damage restoration is undertaken by the culpable person, as per the law.

The main coverages included in the Public Liability insurance are:

  • The legal liability of the Insured as per articles 914-932 of the Civil Code on Physical Injuries, death and/or Material Damages against third parties, including moral distress and injury.
  • Court expenses, expert expenses, investigation, identification, refuting third party claims, trial expenses and costs.
  • Expenses for providing first aid to third parties who may have suffered physical injuries due to the insured’s actions.

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