Car Insurance


The freedom to be safe! Discover it with Generali’s Speed program.

Driving is a passion, it is freedom! Generali understands that. We also understand that everybody’s needs are different. That’s why we created Speed. A comprehensive car insurance solution, which covers every need with unique flexibility. So you can enjoy the drive with no stress.

The three Speed programs give you the ability to choose from the basic mandatory insurance, as defined by the law, up to the most comprehensive combination of covers. At the same time, they give you access to a series of benefits.

Now insurance can be affordable as well as Generali..

Speed's advantages
  • Multiple coverage options
  • Fair and objective pricing, according to the characteristics of each driver, that is based on scientific research of all the factors that form final policies
  • Multiple options in deductible amounts – Speed 3
  • Agreed vehicle value remains stable for 2 years
  • Vehicle repair, with no need for payment by the policy holder, at a repair shop of our Associate Repair Shop Network
  • After sales service and access to VIP services, such as special prices for car service or free gas control card, at Associate Repair Shops
  • Replacement car option, in case of damage (at Associate Repair Shops)


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