εικόνα σκάφους στο ηλιοβασίλεμα από τη σελίδα ασφάλιση σκάφους generali

Safety at sea

The sea, the sense of serenity and relaxation… a small escape from everyday life. Boats offer unique experiences, but their owners need to take care of the passengers’ safety and possible damage or detriment that may be caused. Now you can keep your mind at ease, since you are entrusting your boat’s insurance to the most experienced boat insurer: Generali Group has been specializing in boat insurance since its establishment. Besides the mandatory (law 2743/99) liability insurance for boat owners, regarding accidents and damages you might cause with your boat, Generali offers you coverage for the protection of the boat itself and many optional covers, so you can have it fully covered.

What does the mandatory Watercraft Liability Insurance include?

This type of liability insurance covers damage that may be caused to third parties through the fault of the boat owner.

Liability insurance protects you against financial loss in case you are called upon to compensate third parties for injuries, material damage, damage of harbors, pollution etc.

Law 2743/99 has made this type of insurance mandatory.

What other basic coverage is available?

Watercraft Damage Insurance

Insurance of damage inflicted on the boat itself. It covers damage that the boat may sustain from fire, theft, collision or stranding, maritime hazards, and other types of hazards.

This kind of cover protects your assets from random events that may even result in the total loss of your boat.

What about add-ons? What are the options?

In addition to the above basic covers, the Generali Group is in a position to offer you further covers such as:

  • liability insurance for or against jet skiers
  • insurance against damage to your own boat from sails and/or spars during a race
  • mechanical failure (in-board or in-board / outboard motors)
  • insurance of your personal belongings while aboard the watercraft
  • fall of outboard motor into the sea
  • boat trailer insurance

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