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HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN Alpha Global Medical Care

360° flexible coverage

Alpha Global Medical Care health insurance plan offers access to a comprehensive and flexible system for the protection of your health! In case of an emergency incident, even if there is no need to get hospitalized, you have access to a range of exclusive medical emergency care benefits delivered through our network. You can visit our website and click on Health: Health Benefits - Health Insurance Coverages to find out more about all the health benefits you have a your disposal.

Health coverages at the best healthcare network

We remind you that:

  • You have comprehensive coverage before, during and after hospitalization
  • You are flexible to choose from a wide range of options in relation to:
    • The maximum limit of coverage for hospitalization expenses
    • The excess toward your hospitalization expenses
    • The hospital room type/class
  • You gain access to a broad network of Hospitals. More specifically, for hospitalization in:
    • Network Hospitals within Greece, expenses are directly covered by us
    • Special Network Hospitals within Greece, expenses are directly covered by us. You can also enjoy extra benefits, such reduced deductibles
    • Network Hospitals Abroad, expenses are directly covered by us

Please visit our website and click on the Network Hospitals section to find out more about our network of Hospitals.

  • You can eliminate your excess toward your hospitalization expenses by using an insurance organization (on some deductibles and under the terms of your policy) or in case of accident, by covering your medical/pharmaceutical expenses, provided that you have selected the respective coverage
  • Quick and straightforward claim compensations, evaluating your experience under full transparency

Advanced health services for greater protection!

My e-Doctor

Gain access anywhere, anytime to medical services, including:


  • 24/7 video consultation services with different specialists
  • Healthcare consultation and guidance
  • Automated check and initial symptoms assessment
  • Personal medical profile creation
  • Special prices for access to nutritionists

Available service via mobile or desktop device


Frequent Check-Up Discount

Get a 4% discount with your annual check-up on the next renewal of your health program.


  • Check-ups are free for Generali out-of-hospital policyholders.
  • In case you are not a Generali outpatient policyholder, we have secured a low-cost (15 €) annual check-up exclusively for you at Affidea Group’s network of diagnostic centers.

My Check-In

Schedule your hospitalization before your admission.


  • Receive a coverage confirmation prior to your admission
  • Get acquainted in-time with your plan benefits

My Generali

You can quickly have access to all policy documents, from wherever you are. Keep track of your insurance easily and safely. MyGenerali lets you stay in control of your policies.


Insurance Solutions tailored to your individual needs

We offer customized insurance plans to cover every aspect of your life