Alpha Bonus Program

Give Bonus to your insurance!

“Bonus” Program gives points for all purchases made with Bonus credit cards and the possibility to redeem them in goods and services. Selected companies from the entire commercial sector and more than 3,000 stores participate in the program as partners all over Greece. Bonus offers in goods and services of the big partners and the other cooperating companies cover both the daily as well as the wider needs and desires of each consumer.

infoAlpha Bonus program is currently available only to former AXA policy holders. Generali, in collaboration with Alpha Bank, is taking all necessary measures in order to expand Alpha Bonus program to all Generali customers. Great customer service is our priority. We will keep you informed of any update!

"Bonus" offers

As a Bonus card member, you can pay, using your card, your insurance premiums online or via a standing order for your Bonus credit card and also at the points where there is a POS terminal of Generali. For each €1 of premium you will be rewarded with 4 Bonus points.

"Bonus" points redemption

You can redeem “bonus” points and decrease your premium, according to the following offer:

Premium discountBonus points to redeem
400 €200.000
300 €150.000
200 €100.000
150 €75.000
100 €50.000
50 €25.000
25 €12.500
10 €5.000

Redeem “Bonus” by paying your insurance premiums online via Fast Pay or at the points below, where a POS terminal of Generali is available:

Athina155 Andrea Syggrou Ave.
Agia Paraskevi405 Mesogeion Ave.210 6009840
PanormouPanormou 119 & Kifissias210 6993161
PiraeusKaraiskou 118210 0084109
AeginaFaneromenis 222970 28650
VolosIolkou 5 & Dimitriados24210 29536
DramaIDragoumi - Ath. Diakou25210 47701
ThessalonikiKalou 62310 524626
IoanninaDodonis 49-5126510 46568
KavalaOmonias 562510 830453
CorinthosAdeimantou 5327410 29498
LamiaAverof 422310 32277
LarisaMandilara 222410 258340 & 2410 536431
MytiliniKarapanayioti 1022510 46770
NafplioBouboulinas 2727523 06100
XanthiSmyrnis 16 & Karaoli25410 84999
PirgosManolopoulou 5126210 33752
RodosPetridi10422410 69690
SerresTsalopoulou 223210 51463

For more information regarding the “Bonus” program visit the website of Alpha Bank. Also, with the Bonus app that you can install on your smartphone, you will be informed about your points, offers and redemption possibilities.