Services & Apps for Clients

Enjoy a holistic experience of service, care and protection that combines your insurance covers with innovative apps, personalized services and benefits. Enjoy your life, with the certainty that we are always by your side!


Advisory service for Business

Protect your business with a range of services we offer you. Get useful advice and guidance from expert executives so that nothing disturbs the proper functioning of your business.


Immediate Technical Assistance for Homes – Businesses

Secure your property against any unforeseen event that may disrupt your everyday life. With "Immediate Technical Assistance"


Pay As You Drive

Feel confident that your insurance meets your own individual needs. With “Pay As You Drive” service, you receive premium discount depending on the number of kilometers you have traveled.



Feel safe wherever you are knowing that a specialized team of doctors is at your disposal at the touch of a button to guide and advise you according to the health issue you are facing.


Services & Apps for Partners

In order to secure the sooth seamless and smooth management of your business, we offer you innovative platforms and applications.


Alpha Bonus Program

“Bonus” Program gives points for all purchases made with Bonus credit cards and the possibility to redeem them in goods and services.


Business Insurance – Information

Business insurance is the best way to protect your investment.  At Generali, we are always by your side, with a wide range of covers and services that are activated in the event of an emergency, ensuring you the smooth continuation of your business.


Home Insurance – Information

Your home is your personal shelter as well as a valuable asset. At Generali, we are always by your side in the event of any emergency, ensuring you peace and a sense of security.


Network of Diagnostic Centers & Doctors

Ενημερωθείτε για το δίκτυο διαγνωστικών κέντρων και γιατρών της Generali. Μπείτε στο site και μάθετε περισσότερες πληροφορίες!